Storytelling with Data Challenge – Jan. 2018

One of my personal goals for 2018 is to become a better story teller. As a consultant, I am often restricted to telling the story my clients want to hear. All too often, I find this story to be too all-inclusive and lacking focus. But, hey, that’s what the clients want. But when it comes to projects where I have more say in the matter, it seems all too often that this style that I am so often used to accommodating for takes over. Lately, I have found it more difficult to focus my visualizations into a single powerful arching story.

Towards the end of 2017 I started seeking out resources to help me become a better story teller, or more specifically, return to a time of simply being able to tell even a single story. I had previously read some blog posts by Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic and decided to revisit it once again. To my pleasant surprise Cole had recently started a podcast, and I quickly made time to listen to these while playing in a recent poker tournament. Her first episode resonated strongly with me with how to provide feedback to others on visualizations, and more specifically to consider the constraints at which someone had when creating their visualization. I think we miss this fact way too often.

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#WorkoutWednesday – 2018 Week 1

This week’s WorkoutWednesday brings to an end the banging my head against the wall at the hands of Andy Kriebel and Emma Whyte. Andy and Emma have decided to take a break from tormenting, err, challenging, us with their weekly exercises. Going forward, the great Rody Zakovich will be taking the reigns. I fully expect more head scratching, mind bending challenges and welcome this new blood to my favorite weekly activity.

This week’s challenge:

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